Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a donation?

         There are 3 easy ways to donate. A donation can be made online with a credit card through  a secure web site, by 

         downloading a form and mailing in a check or credit card information, or by contacting a L.o.V.E. representative and arranging 

         to meet in person. 


Is a donation tax deductible?

         Yes, we are a Non Profit 501(c)3 Corporation.  Our non-profit status allows a donor certain benefits which may differ for each 

         donor. We suggest you speak with your tax advisor if you have any questions about the tax benefits to you.


What methods of payment are acceptable?

         LoVE accepts credit/debit cards, cash or checks. 


How much should I give?

         The vision of LoVE is vast! The need is great! We’re talking about great poverty, world hunger and the AIDS pandemic. So the 

         answer is “whatever you possibly can!” Every dollar is welcome and well used.  Some of our most faithful helpers give 

         sacrificially from small pensions.  Any amount is deeply appreciated. To give some idea of value, just  $80 a month will cover 

         the cost of food, clothing, schooling, and a portion of the housemother's salary for a month. The entire Medical Center is 

         being built for around $150,000 (less than a small condo in the USA)


For any other questions you may have feel free to call us. We welcome networking and dialogue.