Ryan Frater


My name is Ryan Frater and this will be my fourth time journeying to iKhethelo Children’s Village outside of Durban, South Africa. I first visited iKhethelo through a mission trip with the church I attend in NY, Redeemer Presbyterian Church. What I found at iKhethelo was a haven in an impoverished neighborhood. Many of the children were orphans coming from challenging or non-existent family situations, but I was so amazed by their joy and hospitality. Through the love and service of the incredible staff and house moms at the village, I witnessed these kids were being groomed into healthier people, oriented to grasp God’s love for them and given an opportunity to escape the orphan cycle they had been thrust into.

Coming from the busyness of starting my career in New York, I found this place a haven for me too where me and the others on our team could learn how to humbly serve not just through meeting the physical needs of the people at iKhethelo but through humbling opening up ourselves to establish relationship with the kids and staff alike.

Since that first trip, we have established an amazing partnership with iKhethelo and the US foundation that supports it: LoVE USA. Our partnership has manifested through financial support from afar, hosting older children from iKhethelo for a week of leadership development in New York City and annual trips back to iKhethelo to help with their needs and put on programs for the kids. I have had the privilege of going to iKhethelo three times and each time my appreciation for it has grown. Now when I go back, I feel more like a camp counselor returning to the kids to pick up where we left off.

From June 22 - July 1st, our team of 6 people including myself will be going back to iKhethelo to put on a program for the kids during their winter holiday. I would like to invite you to support our team. We've each been tasked with raising $2,700 to cover the costs of the trip. This includes travel, the various activities we'll be running onsite, and donations for the kids and staff of iKhethelo.

Thank you,

Ryan Frater


Trip Dates: June 22 - July 1

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