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Give a General Donation

Give a donation to put food on the table for the amazing children at our orphanages. The support LoVE USA gives, truly makes a difference and goes exactly where it is designated! You can give once or on a reoccurring basis.


Are you interested in going to South Africa to visit one or all of our Orphanages? You have the option to go as an individual long-term or short-term volunteer or you can join one of our church missions teams from the East or West Coast! 

Do you love entertaining people? Are you good at planning events? You can come up with your own creative ideas to raise money for the children of LoVE, like having a dinner at your house or planning a color run! We will help!


Our Sponsor-A-Child program is one of the best, most rewarding and easiest ways to give! Choose a child and your sponsorship will provide for their basic needs. Build a relationship with them by writing, visiting and receiving updates!