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LoVE is a non-profit organization that supports orphanages and schools in South Africa and Zimbabwe. Beacon Hill Classical Academy is a private christian school in Camarillo, CA filled with amazing and compassionate children and teens! 

This March, Beacon has made a commitment to raise funds for Lirhanzo Children's Village and Lily of the Valley Orphanage! Lirhanzo (Zimbabwe) is home to 50 children and also has a school of 250. Some of the children coming in from the community walk for miles to get to Lirhanzo.  Many of them come to school without having had anything to eat. We have even witnessed some children trying to eat the paper provided to them for school work. Beacon is partnering with LoVE to provide snacks and meals as often as possible! A MONTHLY donation towards this effort would be a huge blessing. 

In addition to this, Beacon is raising support to start a school at Lily of the Valley (South Africa). The community schools are not good at all and do not provide our orphans with a quality education that will help them out of the cycle of poverty and brokenness. With Beacon's help, we hope to be able to get Lily Vale School up and running very soon! ANY DONATION towards this endeavor would go a long way!