We want to inform you of some really troubling news regarding our first orphanage Lily of the Valley. Many of our supporters know that this year we had extremely successful fundraisers on the East and West Coast. These funds were more than enough to cover what we normally give to our orphanages on a monthly basis. However, they are still dependent on the South African Government, Department of Social Development for 40% of their income. The South African economy is not in good shape at the moment, which has caused huge problems for Lily. 

     1. Some of Lily's largest SA donors have had to stop sending their monthly support.
     2. DSD has gone over budget and has informed Lily that they may not be receiving their normal funding in the future. 

Please help us to dramatically increase LoVE's support so that we can make sure that we have enough to take care of our precious kids! 


Lily of the Valley is the home and safe haven for children who have been marginalized by a broken society. Since 1993, we have been giving these children a second chance in life by investing directly into individual children. The vision of the organization is to raise children into young adults who are achieving their God given potential.

Lily is situated in KwaZulu, South Africa where orphans live together as a family with other children and a house mom in beautiful cottages. However ‘normal’ these children look, they all arrive at Lily in desperate condition; abandoned, malnourished and many test HIV+ on arrival. The individual case histories are tragic, but once at Lily, they find hope and happiness along with quality medical care, proper nutrition, and good education, in addition to the love, discipline and security which comes from belonging to a family unit. Their lives are now filled with singing, dancing and much love. 

We offer full time residential care for up to 120 orphaned or vulnerable children and youth who have been infected or affected by HIV/Aids, in a homely environment. 

We believe that investment in children and education is the key to changing the future of South Africa. A nursery provides care for children through three years of age to allow housemothers to attend to household chores. There is a preschool on the premises, and the older children attend local schools or one of our schools when possible.

Miracles happen at Lily and many of the children who tested HIV+ on arrival, test negative after a few years. The % is far higher at Lily than the international rate for this phenomenon.