Anna Shubin


Hello!  I’m Anna, and words cannot express how excited I am to embark upon my first-ever trip to South Africa!  Visiting Africa has been a dream of mine since my high school French teacher so passionately taught a unit on Francophone countries in Africa.  What began as a simple week-long study of Western Africa extended for me across the continent, all the way to the Southern tip, to South Africa, and has lasted decades past my initial interest was piqued in high school.

Now I am all grown up, have become a teacher myself, and have had some amazing opportunities to expand my love of teaching children all over the world!  In 2011, two weeks after the Tohoku Earthquake took the lives of 20,000 Japanese people, I found myself stepping, terrified, onto a plane to teach in a rural area of Japan.  The experience changed my life.  I went there feeling lost and confused, having left my career in the entertainment industry as a film editor, and didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life.  I just wanted to get away for awhile.  While there, God showed himself in some powerful ways, and through many experiences I realized that a life of teaching kids was what God was calling me to do.

When I returned to the United States in 2013, I began seeking opportunities to become a licensed teacher, and was lucky enough to get a spot as a Teach for America Corps Member in 2014.  TFA sponsored me though a graduate degree in teaching, and placed me in a high-poverty, high-need school in Inwood, a predominantly Hispanic neighborhood at the tippy-top of Manhattan.  I have been there since, working as a special education teacher in my elementary school.  I do reading and math intervention with students who are struggling to catch up.  My students range from Kindergarten all the way up to 5th grade!  They are the most amazing, wonderful people, and I feel blessed to have been placed in their lives and to have been able to witness their growth over the past few years.

I will be taking this trip through a wonderful organization called LoVE USA, a US-based non-profit that has been supporting iKhethelo Children’s Village for many years. We are fundraising as a team, and each of us will be raising $2700 to covers flight, meals, transportation, and lodging, as well as covering various projects we'll be doing while we're over there, in addition to donations for many much-needed items for the iKhethelo community.

I am so excited to go to iKhethelo and continue on the path God has prepared ahead of me, and am so excited for the opportunity to become immersed in the lives of the amazing children I am about to meet!  I am deeply grateful for your support as I follow Him where He leads.  For your prayers and your financial support, I can’t begin to say “thank you” enough.  ¡Muchas Gracias, Arigatou, Merci, Ngiyabonga, THANK YOU!

The more we raise, the bigger the impact for the communities we are serving!


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