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The Love Trust’s vision is to break the cycle of poverty through the provision of quality, Christian education for both teachers and children across vulnerable communities in South Africa.  As an outreach from Christ Church Midrand, Love Trust opened its doors in 2009 and have been changing the quality of education in the country since then. 

We have 3 main focus areas; Education (Nokuphila School), ECD Teacher Training Centers and Early Childhood Development. 

Education – Nokuphila School: We have both a Pre-Primary and a Primary school with a total of 340 children in 2017. The purpose of the school is to provide quality Christian education to vulnerable children – we raise the majority of the funds to operate the school. We serve the poorest of the poor, we perform a means test for all our children and only children are accepted where the family’s income is below the level of a government grant.  Besides the quality education, the children are transported between homes and school, and also receive 2 meals and 2 snacks per day.  At times this will be the only food the child gets in a normal day.

Teacher Training Centres (TTC’s) - Furthermore, The Love Trust is dedicated to the roll out of Early Childhood Development 'Teacher Training Centres.' Pre-school teachers play one of the most important roles in shaping our younger ones lives. We currently have over 400 students enrolled and our students attend one training session per week for the duration of 2 years. 

ECD Centre Development (ECDs) - What we found is that once teachers are qualified, what they have been taught is not necessarily implemented at their crèches (preschool or day care).  We partner with 31 of our students in their own crèches.  We provide a curriculum, weekly resource workshops, access to a resource centre, and perform monitoring and evaluation.  We regularly assess the environments, teachers and children, with the children being our main purpose.  We have seen extraordinary results over the past 2 years.


The work that the Love Trust is doing is extraordinary and LoVE USA is proud to support it. Click here to donate!