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iLaunch - Young Adults Unlocking their Next Chapter

iLAUNCH focuses on helping our young adults take new steps towards full independence. If that means getting educated, learning life skills to move out, or simply get a job, we help them to step forward. iLaunch looks carefully at each individual and make a plan with them. The program offers coaching, tuition and living expenses.

Our goal is to raise $20K this year to help 15 young adults take new steps toward full independence

Many years ago, when LoVE USA first partnered with Lily of the Valley and iKhethelo Children’s village , we felt blessed when a month would go by without one of our precious children going to be with the Lord. But now, because of the care, support, medication, nutrition and love the kids receive they are not only surviving, but they are thriving. Many have matriculated (graduated) and are now trying to pursue further education or training of some sort. These amazing, motivated young adults don't have anyone who is able to support them as they pursue ways to enter back into society as adults, so we have begun a Tertiary Program called iLaunch in order to help!

In 2018, we helped students pursue a music production degree, certificate in hospitality management, a degree in civil engineering, and even get a driver’s license! Two of our young adults found jobs at a restaurant following culinary school. We are very proud of their hard work and accomplishments. In 2019, we are pleased to have two new graduates joining the program. One will study Chemical Engineering at the University of KZN and the other starts chef school.

Please help us in reaching our goal of getting young adults from iKhethelo and Lily of the Valley Orphanages set up with training and education for their future! We will be supporting 10 students in university and certificate programs, and we will be helping 5 others find employment this year.

Thank you to our donors who make this possible!